Heritage Brass Anniversary Concert

Heritage Brass welcomes vocal soloist Bobby Irvine from Ayr, Scotland for their Anniversary concert.
Tickets are $10 and can be obtained from Heritage Brass members.

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Brass Fusion

The Canadian Staff Band will join Impact Brass and Ignite Brass for a band clinic day followed by an evening concert.‚Äč

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Worship Training Day

The Music and Gospel Arts Department are holding a Worship Training Day on October 29th.

Here's a sampling of some of the topics for discussion:

* priorities in worship
* traditional vs. contemporary styles
* blended worship
* how to plan and prepare for effective rehearsals

Participants will also have a chance to break out into sessions with more focused discussion and techniques for keyboard, guitar, vocal, drums and general leadership.

Lunch and coffee are provided.

The day will end with a Worship Night featuring The Apostle Project, Kingston Citadel Team and NEON.

$20 per person, or $100 flate rate for groups with 5 or more.

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