New Music Theory Course released

April 30, 2012 Add comment

The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory Music Department is pleased to announce the publication of a brand new course of music theory to replace the old "Inside Music" course that has been used at music camps throughout the Territory since 1980.

The course is written by Jeremy Smith, who has just completed his fourth year of music education studies at the University of Toronto and has taught at various music camps in Canada and the USA Eastern Territory. While his approach is somewhat different than that used in the previous books, we believe this new course will be a great aid in developing young musicians throughout the Territory.

The new course is divided into seven levels (click here for course outline). Each level comes with a student handbook and a separate teacher's guide that offers answers to the various exercises as well as tips for instructors.  In addition, there is a preliminary test that can be useful in assessing students' knowledge and abilities at the start of the week, as well as individual tests to evaluate the students' progress at the end of each level. Note - the teacher's manuals do not include the full course material, so each instructor will need a copy of the student handbook as well.

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