There's a new website in town

The Salvation Army launches

October 28, 2008 Add comment logoThe Salvation Army Music and Gospel Arts Department has officially launched, giving viewers access to hundreds of transposable lead sheets (melodies with guitar chords) of songbook hymns, popular Salvation Army songs and choruses (such as "They Need Christ" and "If Crosses Come"), Sunday School choruses and much more!  Although there is a one-time, lifetime access fee of $15.00 (Canadian funds) in order to view the website, it is ideal for guitarists and worship bands who would like to play tunebook hymns or Salvation Army melodies, but have no guitar chords to guide them.

The tunebook songs have been put into more guitar-friendly keys, and often lowered to suit contemporary congregations better. Chords have also been simplified and tailored to be more guitar-oriented . Using the free Finale Notepad download, keys, chords, notes and even lyrics can be modified to suit particular corps situations.

This website will continue to grow over time, offering more and more services to make life a little easier for worship bands and corps who may only have a guitarist to provide music. Well worth the small membership fee.

Click here to view a current listing of all the songs available for download from the site.