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News and Views from the Music & Gospel Arts section of the Corps Ministries Department for Canada and Bermuda Territory.


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November 8, 2013

NEW! Creative Worship Service Resource

This series contains eight complete worship outlines, including song resources, call to worship and responsive scripture readings, dramas and sermon outlines.

Week one:  Me to you - a shift in orientation from focusing on ourselves to focusing on others

Week two:  Slave to child - a shift in identity from serving God to loving God

Week three:  Seen to unseen - a shift in values from embracing things that are temporary to embracing things that are eternal.

Week four:  Consumer to steward - a shift in ownership from acquiring things for ourselves to offering what we have to God and others

Week five:  Ask to listen - a shift in posture from asking others to listening to God

Week six:  Sheep to shepherd - a shift in influence from following the crowd to leading like Christ

Week seven:  Me to we - a shift in priority from individualism to community

Week eight:  Stuck to unstuck - How do I get where I want to be?

Click here to see sample pages from the series

The series can be ordered through Supplies and Purchasing (Canada) by contacting

November 7, 2013

New from transMission

Some of transMission's best loved songs are now in a songbook with full piano accompaniment.  Comes with demo CD.

Songs include:

Jesus, O Jesus


Your Holy Love

I Surrender

Send the Fire!

Be Like Jesus

I Know a Fount

I'm in His Hands

Soldier's Hymn

That You Love Me

Click here to see a sample page

To order (in Canada), contact

November 4, 2013

NEW Guitar Instruction Resource

Complete, easy-to-learn resources to help you become a quality worship musician, even if you've never touched a guitar before.  Featuring Marty Mikles, Jimmy Cox and Adely Charles, the accompanying DVD is like having your very own instructor!  Also included is a CD with all songs and exercises.  User-friendly and practical, Level 1 highlights include:

- how to play all common open chords, complete with diagrams, photos and exercises
- Songs by transMission, one of The Salvation Army's premier praise bands, as well as other classic hymns
- Suggestions for other popular songs that can be played at different points in the book
- QR code links to extra online content

By the end of this book, you will have a basic repertoire of songs you can use for worship.

Level 2 highlights include:

- an accompanying DVD and CD
- how to play chord alterations, sharp and flat notes, bar chords, and how to use a capo.
- songs by transMission as well as other classic hymns
- Suggestions for other popular songs that can be played at different points in the book
- QR code links to extra online content

By the end of level 2, you will have the skills to accompany or lead worship on a regular basis.

To order in Canada, contact Supplies and Purchasing at

October 17, 2013

New Maple Leaf Brass Releases

The Canada and Bermuda music department has just released new titles in the Maple Leaf Brass series. The five pieces include something for Christmas, something for Easter, and three that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of smaller bands that would typically be challenged with some of the more advanced music we have put out in times past.

The pieces are:

27. The Londonderry Air (Irish Traditional, arr. Norman Bearcroft)
Difficulty level: Moderately difficult
A sensitive treatment of this timeless melody associated with the words: "If on my soul a trace of sin remaineth."

28. Suite – With Heart and Hand (Kenneth Smith)
Difficulty level: Difficult
Suite in three movements:
1. The Call ("To the war, to the war")
2. The Challenge ("There are people hurting in the world out there")
3. The Commission ("Rescue the Perishing")

29. Chorus Setting – He is Lord (Wayne Thompson)
Difficulty level: Moderate
Includes references to "Up from the grave he arose." Particularly useful for Easter celebrations.
NOTE: Reduced "Triumph Series" scoring suitable for smaller bands

30. Song Arrangement – Still (Reuben Morgan, arr. Jeremy Smith)
Difficulty level: Moderate
A straightforward setting of the popular worship song ("When the oceans rise and thunders roar").

31. March of the Three Kings (Kenneth Smith)
Difficulty level: Moderate
A new arrangement of this French traditional Christmas classic.
NOTE: Reduced "Triumph Series" scoring suitable for smaller bands

Each piece is available for purchase individually from our Supplies and Purchasing Department. A complete list of all Maple Leaf Brass items currently available, including price in Canadian dollars, is attached here for your convenience.

September 23, 2013

Gowans & Larsson Musicals

Ever wonder about the stories behind the writing of the Gowans & Larsson musicals?  Or would you like to listen to some of the famous songs from their musicals?  Or how about being able to view old productions of the musicals?  You can do it all by clicking here.

September 11, 2013

SA Songbook online

Did you know the Salvation Army songbook is available online?  Click here to view.

August 23, 2013

2013 Territorial Christmas CD now available


"A Christmas Interlude" features almost 80 minutes of quality music from The Canadian Staff Band, North York Temple Band, Meadowlands Corps Band, Mountain Citadel Band and St. John's Temple Band, as well as from soloists Barbara Allen, Deliah Williams, Hayley Cann, Katelyn Bird, Karen Gross, Kathryn Tansley, Craig Woodland, Marked by Love, Canadian actor/orator Colin Fox, OCE Brass Quartet and the 2012 Festival Chorus.   At only $1.25 each (Canadian funds) these CDs make great stocking stuffers and ministry-tool give-aways at Christmas parades, kettle ministry, Family Services clientelle, as a PR promotional tool, etc.  

Click here to download an order form. 

Click on the picture above to see a close up of the cover. 

Click here to see a complete song line up.

Previous Christmas CDs are also still available, starting as low as 50 cents each (see above order form).  These include:

A Christmas Tapestry (2008) - 50 cents each

Christmas Past and Present (2009) - 50 cents each

Glad Tidings (2010) - 75 cents each

A Christmas Offering (2011) - $1.00 each

A Portrait of Christmas (2012) - $1.25 each
June 25, 2013

Newly Released

Volume 14 of the brass congregational accompaniment series "Scripture-based Songs" is now available to purchase through Supplies & Purchasing. Each volume of Scripture-Based Songs contains 12 full brass accompaniments for popular contemporary worship choruses, meant to be used to assist a congregation in singing during church services.

Click here to see a complete list of songs in all fourteen volumes.

Contact Supplies and Purchasing for pricing information and to order, either by E-mail at or by phone at 416-422-6100 (Toronto Ontario Canada).

May 2, 2013

Bermuda Hosts Gospel Arts Weekend

The Salvation Army West End Community Church Gospel Arts Weekend was held on March 17 and 18th 2013, entitled "Time to be Holy."  It was the Corps’ 22nd annual concert which began as a simple band concert on a Saturday night, but has now grown into an full Gospel Arts weekend.  WECC is one of 5 corps in the Bermuda Division. Bermuda is a small island off of the coast of the Carolinas. It is a British Colony but comes under the SA Canada and Bermuda Territory. The WECC Corps is located at the western end of the 21 sq mile island in the Atlantic Ocean.  Its band consists of nineteen-players from different walks of life, including business workers, Govt Officers, bankers and college students, all using their talents and abilities to honor God.
The guest for this year’s weekend was Bandsman Sheldon Fox II from the SA North Street Citadel in Bermuda. He recently graduated from University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education. Sheldon has recently taken over the banding music program at a Government Middle School on the island. He is also developing his skills in brass band arranging and has written pieces for Army bands in Bermuda which he hopes to be published someday. Over the weekend Sheldon conducted the band and ministered on the piano.
The Saturday night concert was well attended.  MC for the night was Divisional Bandmaster and Cedar Hill Citadel Bandmaster Warren Jones. Throughout the night, the band played several pieces from the Army's Unity Series, Scripture Based Songs and American Band Journal Publications. The concert kicked off with Dean Jones “Renewed”.  This is a rousing high spirited piece featuring the songs “O Boundless Salvation”, “Be Thou my vision” and “The Power of Your love”. Then there was a welcome and opening prayer. There was a deliberate myriad of the Gospel Arts presented throughout the evening.  Participants included a women’s Dance Ministry, the Praise & Worship Team from North Street Citadel, a ladies praise group from the Wesleyan Methodist Church,  a Saxophone Soloist and a Trombone soloist from one of the corps YP Band members. Band Secretary Shonette Wilson and North Street Citadel CO Major Bruce Jennings united on the stage to sing an uplifting duet entitled ‘You are my Hiding Place’.  The concert also featured soloists within the band. The first one was a new Horn Solo of ‘He Leadeth Me’ by Major George Twitchen, played by Tamiko Ramabuke. The other solo was a Flugelhorn Solo entitled ‘Through it All’ by Andrew Mackereth, featuring YP Bandmaster Jerome Astwood. Both these solos were accompanied by stirring Power Point Presentations. 
The weekend was supported by the corps Mission Board and Corps Officers Majors Curtis and Cindy Butler. Major Curtis gave a stirring devotional on the subject of being Holy by using what we have in service to God. He illustrated this well by reflecting on the life of Moses and how he used his staff (rod).

The theme for the weekend was taken from Paul Sharman’s Song Arrangement “Time to be Holy”. The band did justice to the composer’s beautiful soul stirring interpretation of the song. The latter of the evening was occupied with familiar items as the band ‘worked out their Salvation in sound’. They played ‘Saints Alive’, ‘Heal the World’ and concluded the night with Lt Col. Dr Ray Steadman-Allen’s Unity Series March “Hands Across the Sea”. Those in attendance were heard saying that they received more than their monies worth and that they will be back again. There was a substantial donation made to the Corps by a local business during the Saturday night concert. All proceeds were given to support the Gospel Arts Ministries at the SA West End Community Church.
The Sunday morning service was also well attended. It was a glorious spring day, with the sun shining through the corps windows reflecting Gods radiance and love. The congregation celebrated and gave God thanks for the Gospel Arts ministers and ministries at the church.
The band led the congregation in welcoming the Holy Spirit into the sanctuary as they presented the worship song ‘When I look into You Holiness’ (arr Major Len Ballentine). This set the mood and spirit for the service. After prayer and a scripture reading by Major Cindy Butler, the Praise and Worship Team ushered the people into the Throne Room of God through lively and solemn choruses and testimonies.
During the tithes and offering Bandsman Sheldon Fox II warmed our hearts again with his elegant piano interpretations on old SA choruses. It is always good to remember where we have come from!
Part of that reflection was a Presentation Period in our worship. At this time the corps honored their longest serving Bandsman, 1st cornet player Dwayne Bulford. After Dwayne’s birth doctors had said he would never be able to read nor write, let alone learn music or play an instrument. Our God is an awesome God and worked a miracle in Dwayne’s case. Bandsman Dennis Astwood and the WECC Band beautifully presented David Catherwood’s new cornet solo ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’. This was written at the request of the band for this special occasion as the song is one of Dwayne’s favorites. After the band played, Dwayne was presented with the Army’s 25 year Banding Long Service Award. He stood there proud as pictures were taken and the congregation congratulated him.
Major Curtis Butler spoke again on Gods Holiness and His plea to us as Christians in 2013 to use our Gospel Arts as an act of being Holy unto God. Afterwards there was a time of reflection in prayer.
In closing the band again accompanied the congregation in a rousing rendition of Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek’s song ‘I Dare to be Different’. Even after the benediction all were challenged to Be Holy and Different for Christ. The weekend culminated with a fellowship feast at the Salt Rock Grill with friends and family overlooking the pristine blue ocean.
The weekend was a huge success and we thank God for the opportunity to celebrate His Blessings and Praise His Name through the Arts.
Submitted by : Jerome Astwood,  Bermuda Division 

Click here to view pictures from the event.

November 12, 2012

Bermuda Divisional Band ministers in Chicago

(Click here to view pictures from the trip)
On May 31st 2012, the Bermuda Divisional Band travelled to Chicago, Illinois for five days to minister to the Metropolitan Division in the U.S. Central Territory.  Our hosts for the trip were Captains Keith and Michelle Graham and the Chicago Midway Corps.
God used the band to minister in many different ways including...
- Providing opportunities to share about God and answer questions about The Salvation Army, whilst travelling through various airports in uniform;
- Sharing meals and daily devotions with each other;
- Ministering at The Salvation Army Donut Day Kick-Off, outside in downtown Chicago, in freezing cold weather (as far as this Bermudian is concerned!).
The next day the band was warmed by the midday sun as well as the Holy Spirit as they shared in the Open Air during a thrift sale at Norridge Citadel.  After lunch, they toured the USA Central Territorial Headquarters and the new Chicago Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center.  This was a real eye opener.  It was great to see the different aspects of Salvation Army ministry.
One unexpected memorable happenstance was being involved in a highway accident, when the band’s vehicle was cut off by a lady on a cell phone. Our driver swerved but hit the rear of the van in front of us causing damage to our vehicle. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.  The van however, did not fare as well and had to be retired.
God was, and is always good and he showed up for us many times. He protected all of the bandmembers in the accident, which could have been much worse. What Satan intended to be a disaster was turned into an opportunity for the band to witness, develop relationships and remarkably, the band still made the  service at the Harbour Light in a timely fashion.  Despite the ordeal, the band shared testimonies and played extremely well.  The Spirit powerfully moved during the service.
At the service the band played a new arrangement by one of its members, Sheldon Fox II, of William Himes’ famous chorus “God in You, God in Me.”  It was written as a tribute to Bandmaster Himes for his faithful service to music ministry in The Salvation Army, and its playing was made all the more meaningful because Bandmaster Himes was himself present in the congregation.
On Sunday morning, the band led the morning worship service at Chicago Midway Corps, while Captain Keith shared the Word.  After fellowshipping with the soldiers for lunch the band kicked off the afternoon with a march of witness in the neighboring area, followed by a Praise service with members of the Metropolitan Division.  After the service, the Divisional Commander gave a heartfelt thanks to our band for sharing in such a creative and Spirit-led way.
During the trip, some of the band members were taken over by illness but God proved that He is the great Healer. Some members also experienced financial challenges but, God made a way for all who were available to travel.  Throughout the trip, God was faithful.
This was my first overseas ministry trip with the Salvation Army and I found it very exciting. I learned that it is so gratifying being obedient, serving the Lord and making people happy. I grew as a Christian in several ways. All the preparations drew me closer to God.  My relationship with my wife and other bandspersons grew as well.  My musicianship also improved, as we had practiced until our lips were sore!  While I know we blessed others through our ministry, I felt that I got more than I gave!
Steve Bean attends the West End Community Church of the Salvation Army in Bermuda.  He currently plays 2nd cornet in the Bermuda Divisional Band.