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News and Views from the Music & Gospel Arts section of the Corps Ministries Department for Canada and Bermuda Territory.
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Check out our new YouTube channel! Be sure to subscribe so you keep up with all the latest material. Our hope is that this channel will be a tool to open the lines of communication  in serving (More)

Resources for Good Friday

Click here to find a variety of resources to help you create a memorable Good Friday service for your congregation...  contains song ideas, readings, prayers, drama sketches, movie clips, (More)

Easter Sunday resources

Click here for links to Easter Resources that will help make your Easter service memorable for your congregation.  Includes song ideas, prayers, drama sketches and more.

Palm Sunday resources

Click onto the links below for... Song suggestions A monologue A reading A drama sketch Call to Worship/Offering Prayer/Benediction Responsive Readings and more  

Thanksgiving Music

Looking for something new to sing with your congregation this year for Thanksgiving?­ Then check out this song list... ­ 1.­ Come Into His Presence (Baird) - Hallelujah Choruses, volume 4, #51 (More)

Christmas Resources

Looking for creative worship ideas for your Christmas services?  Click here to discover advent readings, prayers, responsive readings, drama sketches, sermon ideas, music ideas, fun stuff, and (More)

Songs About Social Justice

The weekend of September 27th - 29th 2013 is a prayer-focus on the issue of human trafficking in The Salvation Army.  In light of that, below is a listing of worship songs fitting to that (More)

Good Sound

Is the sound board a bit of a mystery to you?  A little intimidating?  Whether you're a novice or a pro, this website will educate you on the art of creating a good sound mix as well as (More)

The Mystery of Motivation

I must admit, even after being a worship leader for 18 years, it is still a mystery to me, and a weekly challenge, to discover what motivates a congregation (and each member of it) to worship. (More)

Songs for Mother's Day

One of the most difficult themes in regards to songs and planning a worship service has to do with Mother's Day, and parenting in general.  Below I've provided a list of songs that (More)