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News and Views from the Music & Gospel Arts section of the Corps Ministries Department for Canada and Bermuda Territory.

Drama Sketches for Christmas

Christmas Joy

Purpose: Is Christmas about getting stuff or about Jesus?

Time: 5 - 7 minutes

Cast: 4 adults

Wise Guys

Purpose:  A comical look at the wise men thirty years after the birth of Jesus. A reminder that Jesus' birth is just as important today as it was yesterday, and that Jesus should be proclaimed as King of kings.

Time:  Part One - 4 minutes     
           Part Two - 4 minutes

Cast: 3 men 

Christmas Time in the City

Purpose:  Taking time to care for 'the least of these'

Time:  5 minutes

Cast:  4 women

The Real Meaning of Christmas

Time:  5 minutes

Cast:  Two sisters, their mother, a door-to-door SA collector (male or female), an off-stage singing group

Four Monologues

Time:  5 minutes per monologue

Cast: Four women

What is Christmas -
Length:  1 hour 15 minutes  (print script in legal format paper)

Cast:  Entire Sunday school of children, all ages; 2 older child narrators, one female adult playing a mom, one small child; This is a musical that can incorporate the junior band, singing company and timbrel brigade

Click here for play instructions and music.