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Thanksgiving Music Looking for something new to sing with your congregation thi… October 6, 2014
Christmas Resources Looking for creative worship ideas for your Christmas servic… December 2, 2013
Songs About Social Justice The weekend of September 27th - 29th 2013 is a prayer-focus … September 20, 2013
Good Sound Is the sound board a bit of a mystery to you?  A little… July 9, 2013
The Mystery of Motivation I must admit, even after being a worship leader for 18 years… June 4, 2013
Songs for Mother's Day One of the most difficult themes in regards to songs and pla… May 2, 2013
Vocal Music of The Salvation A… To view a comprehensive index of all vocal music published b… February 13, 2013
A Complete Listing of SA Brass…           … February 4, 2013
O&R for music organizations Here are the Salvation Army's official regulations concernin… January 25, 2013
Vocal Instruction for Young Pe… Click onto the following links for guidance in teaching youn… July 6, 2012
Brass Accompaniment for Contem… The three best and most popular series for brass congregatio… August 4, 2011
The Marks of Professionalism A friend of mine who is a high school band director sent me … February 8, 2011
Looking for Accompaniment CDs? Are you in a situation where there are no musicians availabl… January 10, 2011
Breath Control: The Embouchur… Most of the people reading this will already have developed … August 9, 2010
Breath Control: Part Two For part one, click here. Part Two: With the Instrument … July 7, 2010
Breath Control for Brass Playe… Part One – Without the Instrument   When one th… June 16, 2010
Why Can't I Play in Tune Who would believe that by making a Bronx cheer into a metal … May 27, 2010
Regarding Anchors and Sails I was reading an article a few years ago with a title that h… April 12, 2010
Catch Those Clams! Modern Technology has been unable to devise the horn player&… February 10, 2010
saguitarsongs: A valuable reso… saguitarsongs is a website that offers downloads for mo… February 3, 2010
Sounding Brass: The Discipline… “I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Je… February 3, 2010
Don't Forget your Home Practic… “Don’t forget your home practice!”  H… January 11, 2010
The Songster's Love Chapter A paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 13... If I could sing with … December 15, 2009
Don't be an instrument abuser! As you are reading this article, hundreds of brass instrumen… December 4, 2009
The Reason We Sing Ever wonder why we spend so much time singing in our church … July 27, 2009